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Modern Singleton Is a Sweet, Dynamic Format

Back in January, I introduced you all to Magic‘s hottest* new format: Modern Singleton. Last month, my buddy Trevor and I finally threw down with our 60-card, singleton Modern decks, and the results are in:

Modern Singleton is sweet!

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Modern Highlander: Blue-Red Splinter Twin

Last time, I told you about the next hot new Magic format: Modern Highlander. Today, I’ll walk you through the Blue-Red Splinter Twin deck I’ve built to dominate the competition (and use as many banned cards as possible).

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Matt Plays Modern – 1/18 Banlist Thoughts

Well then.

This weekend, Wizards of the Coast was forced to announce the Oath of the Gatewatch Banned and Restricted List updates early due to some players finding out about them through Magic Online filters. The news was pretty big for Modern:

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Matt Plays Modern – Thursday Night Splinter Twin

Hey all, and welcome to the first real post on Matt Plays Magic. This is the beginning of my lead-up to playing GP Detroit in March. GP Detroit is Modern, and I’ve recently decided to switch to UR Twin from my Grixis and UR Delver stand-bys. I bought most of the cards I was missing for Twin shortly after the release of Modern Masters 2, but have only run the deck a few nights locally before. I eventually switched back to Delver variants, mostly because I enjoy the decks.

For GP Detroit though, I really don’t want to play Delver. Because the deck is inherently weaker than a lot of other Modern decks, you really have to sequence your plays correctly and use every card to its fullest to squeak out tough wins, especially against experienced opponents. Doing this for four or so rounds every week or two is great fun (unless you’re sick, which I seem to about 50/50 on this winter). Doing this for potentially fifteen rounds across two days seems miserable.

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