Modern U/R Delver - Matt Plays Magic

Matt Plays Modern – Bedlam!

Hey all, it’s finally time for some of those Modern UR Delver results I promised a few weeks back. Sit right back, and I’ll tell you a tale of psuedo-mirrors, bedlam, brutality, and pontiffs.

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Matt Plays Modern – Regrouping

So… the actual win-loss portion of SCG Milwaukee did not go well for yours truly. But I’m back here on the page, ready to shake it off and sling some more Modern.

The first step? Picking a less taxing deck.

We’re gonna use this guy as an excuse to play a worse but simpler deck, at least for a little while.

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Young Pyromancer Featured - Matt Plays Magic

Matt Plays Modern – U/R Humans Don’t Quite Get It Done in Chi-Town

Last weekend I battled nine (well, eight) rounds of Modern during a weekend that was one of the most transformative the format’s ever seen. Some of those changes trickled down to the SCG Regional in Chicago, where I could be found attempting to flip Delvers and Bolt-Snap-Bolting opponents out, but I didn’t end up facing any of them directly. The Eldrazi menace was visible on either side of me throughout the day (with the UR version apparently being easier to put together in a pinch), but my match-ups were mostly par for the format. So how’d I do?

Well, the most accurate description is “not great”. But the day started out well enough.

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Modern U/R Delver - Matt Plays Magic

Matt Plays Modern – UR Delver Deck Tech

This weekend’s SCG Regionals are approaching quickly, and while I’ve been taking my time choosing a deck in the wake of the Splinter Twin banning, it’s now time to lock in on a choice. As a refresher, this is roughly what I can play with the cards I have access to (links go to each archetype’s MTGGoldfish page, not what my exact build would be):

As you can see, it’s not a very long list. With the format mostly torn between linear aggressive decks and Tron, it seems like Grixis Control is out. I’d rather be piloting a Delver deck because I know them better, and they’re likely slightly better positioned anyways.

That narrows my choices down to Grixis Delver vs. straight UR Delver. As you can likely infer from the title, I’ve chosen UR Delver. Why is that?

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