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The Three Existing Cards Izzet Delver Needs From Modern Horizons

I’m of mixed minds about Modern Horizons. I don’t love the precedent it sets for being able to “upend” Modern at any time, and I don’t love that it could produce a number of never-printed-before cards that every Modern player suddenly needs to have.

That said, the set will exist regardless of my opinion about it … so I may as well hope for some goodies!

It’s been quite awhile since I played my first and favorite Modern deck, Izzet Delver. But I would totally pick it up again if Modern Horizons delivers any or all of the pre-existing cards below.

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Matt Plays Modern – Shadow Switcheroo

Somehow, a ton has changed in Modern since I last wrote about the format, just a month ago. The metagame is both incredibly stable and increasingly chaotic, as brewers and pros continue to spit out responses to the current top deck. Almost (ALMOST) anything seems viable these days…provided it has a plan to handle a bevy of Thoughtseizes, Pushes, and Shadows.

It’s been a wild ride from June to July. Let’s start back four weeks and work our way forward to today: the day I saw my own Shadow.


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Modern U/R Delver - Matt Plays Magic

Matt Plays Modern – Proof* That U/R Delver is Best Delver

*The word proof is a hyperbolic overstatement. You should keep reading anyways, though.

After a big life change, it’s often nice to get back to your roots. That’s what I did last week, when I took my U/R Delver deck out to jam some Modern games. Why U/R and not Grixis? How’d the deck perform? And is Condescend any good or the absolute worst?

Read on to find out!

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Modern U/R Delver - Matt Plays Magic

UR Delver Deck Tech – January 2017

*6/6/17 Edit: I’ve made a bunch of changes to this deck since January, due to ban list updates and other things. For the updated version, as well as some cool match reports, click here

Hey y’all,

A new year means an update to one of this blog’s most popular posts, which is the Modern U/R Delver deck tech that I did some time ago. I picked the deck up again recently, and wanted to talk over the list in-depth, focusing on some of my recent changes. Continue reading “UR Delver Deck Tech – January 2017”