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We’re Playing Dinosaurs – Ixalan Standard Pauper

I love Ixalan‘s dinosaurs. They’re wonderful, colorful, feathery beasts that make playing Magic even more exciting than usual. I don’t know if you’ve gotten the chance to attack with a Charging Monstrosaur yet, but I assure you, it feels exactly how attacking with a dinosaur should.

Normally, I wouldn’t get to play with dinos all that much. Draft is expensive, and I don’t know if you’ve read the blog’s tagline, but Standard is right out.

Except…for Standard Pauper.

That’s right, it’s time for Matt Plays Magic‘s triumphant return to Standard Pauper. And while I can’t guarantee we’ll create the most competitive deck in the format, I can guarantee we’ll build the best darn Pauper dinos deck we can.

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Standard Pauper – Brewing with Kaladesh

(Credit to Noah Bradley for that awesome art!)

While a Magic set release is always exciting, it’s typically not as big a deal for me as it is for those who play Standard. For Kaladesh specifically, I’m excited for the new fastlands (especially the Blue-Red one!) and what they mean for Modern, as well as a couple of other cards here and there. But nothing else from the set is going to shake up my Commander or Modern decks.

However, now that I’m playing Standard Pauper, I can join the ranks of people who get excited for/despondent about rotation, and start considering how rotation will affect what I play!

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My “Emerging” Love of Standard Pauper

Brewing in Standard Pauper has been a blast. Decks are cheap, and I’ve got a bunch of ideas for the current format.

The most straightforward way to brew is to look for fun and interesting Commons, often cards that are really strong in Draft or even normal Constructed, and then looking for other cards that support them. Some of those cards will obviously come from within the same block, but it’s much more fun to connect cards from across blocks to find combos that won’t see play anywhere else. My favorite interaction so far is the combination of Zephyr Scribe‘s looting and untapping abilities and Fiery Temper‘s Madness.


With that in mind, I’ve been trying to find the best things to do with Wretched Gryff, which is arguably the best Blue common coming out of Eldritch Moon.

wretched gryff.jpg

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Interlude – Fire and Forgetting (Standard Pauper)

There’re a couple pretty big reasons this blog doesn’t cover Standard: time and money. So what’s a guy to do when Wizards releases a sweet Common that’s not good enough for anything outside Standard?


The answer? Play Standard Pauper.

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