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Practicing Sealed Deck with the Modern Commons Cube

To test out a series of changes to my Modern-legal Commons cube, I’ve been building a lot of practice sealed decks on CubeTutor. I figured it’d be interesting to discuss one of my sealed pools here on the blog, to see if the Internet would build the same deck as me.

Note that, for me at least, it’s harder to consider every option thoughtfully online than it is with physical cards. If you wildly disagree with my choices, chalk our disagreement up to that (or my rusty sealed skills, your call).

The Pool

Modern Legal Common Cube - Sealed Pool - Matt Plays Magic

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In Sickness And In Health - Pauper MtG

ReCycling Bin – In Sickness And In Health – Pauper

In the ReCycling Bin, I take a look at theorycrafted decks that never got their time to shine. This time we’re looking at an all-Common commodity I’ve dubbed In Sickness And In Health, a Pauper deck designed to frustrate opponents and slam as many enchantments as possible.

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Matt Plays Pauper – Mono-U Tron Deck Tech

Last week, I promised to write about one of the five best formats that no one plays, and so this week I’ve got a spicy Pauper brew to share with you all. Translated from Modern to Pauper, this is my take on an all-Commons version of Mono-U Tron.


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The 5 Best Magic: the Gathering Formats That No One Plays

One of Magic’s biggest first-world problems is the overabundance of ways that people have cooked up to play it. If you head to your local game store on a Friday night, you’re very likely to be able to play Standard or get in a draft with the latest set. And if you have a larger store in town you can usually play Modern, Commander, and maybe even Legacy throughout the week.

However, that leaves a large handful of formats that are awesome to play but just don’t show up on game stores’ rosters. These are formats that people often play regionally, online, or on their own kitchen table, but just don’t have the presence to become mainstays. Read on for a breakdown of what I consider to be the five sweetest of these niche formats, and why you should be playing (or watching) them whenever you get a chance.

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