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Modern Blue-Black Death’s Shadow – First Matches

Back in September, I promised y’all I’d build and pilot a Modern version of Blue-Black Death’s Shadow. With the theory laid out, the cards ordered, and the deck constructed, I finally took my Blue-Black build out to my local shop a few weeks ago.

This is how it fared.

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Matt Plays Modern – Shadow Run

Like I said last time, I’ve become part of the problem. I am a Shadow man.


Tournament reports are long and intros are boring. So let’s just hit it. Me and Grixis Shadow vs. the world: Round 1. Fight!

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Matt Plays Modern – Proof* That U/R Delver is Best Delver

*The word proof is a hyperbolic overstatement. You should keep reading anyways, though.

After a big life change, it’s often nice to get back to your roots. That’s what I did last week, when I took my U/R Delver deck out to jam some Modern games. Why U/R and not Grixis? How’d the deck perform? And is Condescend any good or the absolute worst?

Read on to find out!

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Matt Plays Amonkhet – LR Said to Do It

Hey there, loyal readers! Welcome to a tale of sun and sand…wait, am I talking about Amonkhet or the fact that this blog’s now based out of California? Oh, I’m being told that it’s definitely Amonkhet. Read on for a tale of being forced into Red-White beatdown, the best deck that apparently no one wanted to draft.

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Modern U/R Delver - Matt Plays Magic

Matt Plays Modern – Bedlam!

Hey all, it’s finally time for some of those Modern UR Delver results I promised a few weeks back. Sit right back, and I’ll tell you a tale of psuedo-mirrors, bedlam, brutality, and pontiffs.

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