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I Am an Izzet Test Pilot

Last weekend, I journeyed into Ravnica. Using the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, my friend Simon led five of us through the process of creating our own Ravnicans and starting our first Dungeons & Dragons adventure set on Magic‘s city plane.

And my character? In my mind, he’s this guy:

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The Knight, the Forest, and the Trickster

Once Upon a Time - Matt Plays Magic

Once upon a time, there was a knight who had lost her way. Divorced from her court and her lord, the knight had taken refuge within a forest that did not care for her.

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Build Your Own Gatewatch

A few weeks ago, Wizards of the Coast announced that War of the Spark (the upcoming new Magic set) would contain a Planeswalker card in every pack. And as part of that announcement, they showed off sweet, stained-glass themed teaser art of the 36 different Planeswalkers who will appear in the set.

All credit to TarikB75 on Reddit for putting together this image with each Planeswalker’s name.

As I pored over the image above, I realized that Magic’s Planeswalker roster has finally hit the depth needed to do something that superhero fans will find familiar. Geeks like me have been debating what their ideal Justice League, Avengers, and X-Men line-ups would look like since the 1960’s (I started in the 1990’s, with an account on the now-defunct DC Comics message boards).

And now, geeks like US can start debating what our ideal Gatewatch line-ups would look like!

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Daxos in the Overworld - Matt Plays Magic

Daxos, Returned

He thought she would be here. He didn’t remember who she was, but he thought she would be here.

The fact she wasn’t would’ve made him angry, if he still had the capacity for anger. But anger, hate, joy, passion, cleverness. Love. All of it was taken from him. He didn’t feel anymore. He couldn’t remember anymore.

Except for her. The Woman in White. He remembered her.

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