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Achievements Unlocked: Modern Esper Gifts

I want to try something different. I want to sell you on playing a Modern deck, Esper Gifts Ungiven, but I don’t want to do it using a detailed deck tech or tournament report. I want to just show off how dang cool the thing is, as concisely as possible.

Gifts Ungiven - Matt Plays Magic

So instead of walking you through an entire night of Magic, I’m going to boil it down to twelve video game-style achievements. All unlocked over the course of one Tuesday playing Modern.

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Matt Plays Modern – Gifts Ungiven, on Multiple Levels

New bans, new sets, and new decks! Modern’s not lacking for Gifts except, that is, when they’re Ungiven.


Read on for a discussion of banlist updates, Aether Revolt additions, and a new Gifts Ungiven deck I’ve been piloting!

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