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Dimir Death’s Shadow – Version Two

After recently losing a whole bunch of matches with Modern Storm, I found myself wanting to pilot a Modern deck that I knew inside and out – and that I could actually WIN with. So I sleeved up my “innovative” Blue-Black Death’s Shadow deck … with just a few changes.

Turns out, Death’s Shadow pilots have been working toward even more streamlined versions of the deck while I’ve been dorking around with Storm and Magic Arena. And while I couldn’t (and didn’t want to) incorporate every change I found, some of them seemed like significant upgrades to my Blue-Black brew.

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Modern Blue-Black Death’s Shadow – First Matches

Back in September, I promised y’all I’d build and pilot a Modern version of Blue-Black Death’s Shadow. With the theory laid out, the cards ordered, and the deck constructed, I finally took my Blue-Black build out to my local shop a few weeks ago.

This is how it fared.

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Building Modern Blue-Black Death’s Shadow

I’m a brewer at heart. I’m not averse to playing the “best” deck in any format, but I get more out of Magic when I’m playing a deck I’m personally invested in. So even when piloting established decks, I tweak. I experiment.

Today, I’m launching another of those experiments, one I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Modern’s seen a lot of Death’s Shadow variants, ranging from Jund to Esper to 4-Color to my personal favorite, Grixis. But there’s one variant I have yet to see: Dimir Shadow.

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Spurred on by the success of Legacy Death’s Shadow, as well as my own curiosity, I’ve decided to bring Blue-Black Death’s Shadow into Modern. Will the experiment produce results? Read on, and maybe we’ll find out together.

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