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Sideboarding for Dummies

“Sideboarding is hard.” That’s often newer Magic players’ first complaint, as they venture to their local FNM and start playing best-of-threes. Given a reasonable draw and a good match-up, most new players know their own deck well enough to win a game one. But those same players can get DESTROYED after sideboarding, as their more experienced opponents use those 15 extra cards to adapt their game plan.

I do not profess to be a sideboarding expert. In fact, I’d say just the opposite; I’m still figuring it out. But I’ve developed a process that largely works for me, a casual-competitive player. And I think I can distill it down into something that will help those just starting to sideboard.

So let me give it a shot. Assuming you’ve built a sideboard, played a game one, and you’re headed into game two, this is what you should do next.

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The Second Best Magic Card – Lightning Bolt

I’ve already made my opinion clear on what the best Magic card is. But there’s a pretty close runner-up:

Lightning Bolt - Matt Plays Magic

Lightning Bolt is the second best Magic card because it’s both incredibly simple and incredibly complicated. It’s one of the easiest cards to understand, but one of the most complex to cast correctly. Great Magic cards create choices, and Bolt provides some of the best decision trees in the game. Newbies and veterans alike have a lot to learn from Lightning Bolt, making it Magic’s number two card by a mile.

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Going Big: How Good Is Too Good in EDH?

Hey all,

This week, I’m wrestling with a question that I think a lot of us have tackled when building an EDH deck, and I want to talk it out here on the page. The question is this:

Is the deck I want to build too good for my playgroup?

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