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Was Gonna Write a Real Post, But Spent All My Time Playing Izzet Phoenix Instead

I’m in the midst of writing a lengthy post on how to manage Magic‘s bonkers-fast release schedule on a budget. I promise. However, “researching” that post required me to dive back in to Magic Arena, and I have yet to find my way out.

Reader, I’ve fallen in love with the latest version of Izzet Phoenix.

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I’m Already Sick of Bant Nexus

Which means Magic Arena is mostly successful!

Nexus of Fate Animation - Matt Plays Magic
This animation almost makes up for seeing a Nexus of Fate on the stack.
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UW Approach Deck Tech and Matches – Magic Arena

This week, it’s the return of videos, as we battle through a Magic Arena event with UW Approach of the Second Sun! Gain insight into Arena’s most eye-roll inducing deck and watch as we attempt to climb the prize payout ladder without casting a single creature.

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Magic Finance Is a Hard Sell

I had originally titled this article “Why I Don’t Play Standard,” but I think the new title sums up my reasons pretty succinctly. In case you skipped the title, I’ll reiterate:

It’s the Magic economy, stupid.

Magic finance is itself a game, one with much higher stakes than a typical Friday Night Magic tournament. Your typical FNM costs $5 to attend and pays $20-30 worth of prizes to first place. FNMs are a casual, low-cost way to spend an evening. Buying and selling the cards you use to play at those tournaments, however, is often a hundreds-of-dollars affair.

Not everyone can handle that price point or manage the ups and downs of Magic’s secondary market. I’m invested enough to write a bi-weekly blog about the game, and even I’m thrown by Magic’s price point and the expense of cards. I am absolutely sure that Magic’s status as a “Collectible Trading” card game puts players off the game because, at a certain level, I am one of those players who is put off.

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We’re Playing Dinosaurs – Ixalan Standard Pauper

I love Ixalan‘s dinosaurs. They’re wonderful, colorful, feathery beasts that make playing Magic even more exciting than usual. I don’t know if you’ve gotten the chance to attack with a Charging Monstrosaur yet, but I assure you, it feels exactly how attacking with a dinosaur should.

Normally, I wouldn’t get to play with dinos all that much. Draft is expensive, and I don’t know if you’ve read the blog’s tagline, but Standard is right out.

Except…for Standard Pauper.

That’s right, it’s time for Matt Plays Magic‘s triumphant return to Standard Pauper. And while I can’t guarantee we’ll create the most competitive deck in the format, I can guarantee we’ll build the best darn Pauper dinos deck we can.

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