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Modern Storm Resources

As regular readers know, I recently decided to start piloting Modern Storm, in hopes of combo-ing out the players at my local game store. Whenever I pick up a new Modern deck, I seek out as much existing information as I can, to give myself the best chance to win in Week One and going forward.

This time, I decided to compile all the interesting articles, videos, and Reddit threads I found into a blog post – one that I can refer back to and use to help others who are learning how to play Storm! If you’re picking up Modern Storm, this post SHOULD provide all the direction you need to get started … from people who are much more knowledgeable than me.

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Top 5 Modern Cards From Ravnica Allegiance

It’s that time again … time to venture into the wilds of Modern and see what the most recent Magic set has done to the place. Did Ravnica Allegiance contain a card that will shift the format fundamentally, as Guilds of Ravnica‘s Arclight Phoenix did? Or have the most recent cards simply slotted into the existing metagame?

Hopefully, that’s what you’re here to find out! Below, I’ll break down some of the top-performing cards and new decks Modern’s seen as a result of Ravnica Allegiance, starting with the return of many people’s favorite, formerly-banned deck …

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Modern Highlander: Blue-Red Splinter Twin

Last time, I told you about the next hot new Magic format: Modern Highlander. Today, I’ll walk you through the Blue-Red Splinter Twin deck I’ve built to dominate the competition (and use as many banned cards as possible).

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5 Cards I Hope to Cast in 2019

With a new year comes new games of Magic! Like most Planeswalkers, I’ve got plans for what decks I’m going to sleeve up, what formats I’m going to rock, and what cards I’m going to buy in 2019.

Below, then, are the 5 cards I’m most hoping to cast in 2019. These cards represent not just the decks, formats, and matches I’m looking forward to, but the experiences I hope to have playing this Magical game this year.

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Modern Blue-Black Death’s Shadow – First Matches

Back in September, I promised y’all I’d build and pilot a Modern version of Blue-Black Death’s Shadow. With the theory laid out, the cards ordered, and the deck constructed, I finally took my Blue-Black build out to my local shop a few weeks ago.

This is how it fared.

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