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Was Gonna Write a Real Post, But Spent All My Time Playing Izzet Phoenix Instead

I’m in the midst of writing a lengthy post on how to manage Magic‘s bonkers-fast release schedule on a budget. I promise. However, “researching” that post required me to dive back in to Magic Arena, and I have yet to find my way out.

Reader, I’ve fallen in love with the latest version of Izzet Phoenix.

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I’m Already Sick of Bant Nexus

Which means Magic Arena is mostly successful!

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This animation almost makes up for seeing a Nexus of Fate on the stack.
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5 Cards I Hope to Cast in 2019

With a new year comes new games of Magic! Like most Planeswalkers, I’ve got plans for what decks I’m going to sleeve up, what formats I’m going to rock, and what cards I’m going to buy in 2019.

Below, then, are the 5 cards I’m most hoping to cast in 2019. These cards represent not just the decks, formats, and matches I’m looking forward to, but the experiences I hope to have playing this Magical game this year.

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A Pack a Day Is Alright for Arena

Disclaimer: This is one person’s opinion on the current state of the Magic: Arena economy. You’re likely to disagree, because that’s how talking about games on the internet works.  

I am not a grinder. Never have been, never will be. Even if I wanted to “grind” an online game (and, wow, that verb choice makes it sound so appealing), I just don’t have the time. But I do enjoy playing Magic, and I do enjoy getting rewarded to do so. Which is why I think some of the recent updates to Magic: Arena‘s economy are perfect for me.

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UW Approach Deck Tech and Matches – Magic Arena

This week, it’s the return of videos, as we battle through a Magic Arena event with UW Approach of the Second Sun! Gain insight into Arena’s most eye-roll inducing deck and watch as we attempt to climb the prize payout ladder without casting a single creature.

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