The Many Manabases of Historic Sultai Field of the Dead

Recently, I decided to jump feet-first into Magic Arena‘s Historic format by building and playing Sultai Field of the Dead. As I play any new deck, I find myself swapping cards in and out of it – attempting to shore up the deck’s weaknesses or improve its consistency. But with Sultai Field of the Dead, I found myself tweaking one key aspect of the deck over and over again: Its manabase.

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Will Historic Brawl Become the Next Commander?

Commander is Magic‘s most popular constructed format for a reason. Or rather, a couple reasons.

Commander decks are fun and easy to build, and fun and easy to play. Most every Magic player owns enough cards to build a Commander deck, even if their deck isn’t optimized or especially competitive. And Commander allows players to play cards that would otherwise have sat idle in their collections (RIP Splinter Twin), within an exciting, engaging singleton format.

Most every selling point Commander has for paper Magic applies to Magic Arena‘s best “secret” format: Historic Brawl. Historic Brawl allows players to use Arena cards they’d otherwise not be able to use, building and playing decks that are as interesting and fun as most any casual Commander deck.

So with Magic Arena‘s audience growing, is Historic Brawl set to become the next Commander? Below, I’ll examine a few reasons I think Historic Brawl could become Magic‘s next big format, as well as a few factors holding Historic Brawl back.

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