I Am an Izzet Test Pilot

Last weekend, I journeyed into Ravnica. Using the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, my friend Simon led five of us through the process of creating our own Ravnicans and starting our first Dungeons & Dragons adventure set on Magic‘s city plane.

And my character? In my mind, he’s this guy:

My love of Izzet is well-documented, but I did not actually settle on playing an Izzet character until after our session began. Since I am one of our players who knows the most about Magic lore, and I love a lot of different guilds for different reasons, I figured I’d hang back and let everyone else set their characters first. Then, me being me, I’d pick something to try and balance our party’s classes and (more importantly, to me) colors.

But Then, I Just Played Izzet Anyway

It worked out, however, that we needed a fighter, and I could fit a fighter within the Izzet League. So no, I am not exactly Goblin Test Pilot – though honestly, why is he a wizard anyway? Test pilots need to be quick and coordinated, which I think fits a fighter fairly well. I imagine my character as a cross between Hal Jordan, a Tesla bro, and well, a goblin. If I have my way, he will wear a bomber jacket emblazoned with a Niv-Mizzet logo at some point during this campaign. Needless to say, I am having fun with all of this.

And I think the rest of our group is, too. My wife Kat had originally planned to play as a Golgari character, until I introduced her to the Cult of Rakdos. At that point, she immediately decided to play as a swaggering entertainer, settling on the twin professions of silks climber and bard. My friend Pat, who likely has the second-most knowledge of Ravnica among our party, chose to play as a Simic Hybrid (though the only thing that makes him a hybrid is gills – hopefully he’ll get some extra features as he levels up). Simon’s wife, Suzanne, chose to play as a teenage Selesnyan Centaur, and our friend Eric is also a Selesnyan … or is he?

At this point, our party has just come together, after fighting off a couple krasis. My fighter, Zzazyx, dealt a lot of damage to each krasis, but was knocked out himself. Thankfully, our teenage Selesnyan healed me, and I’m ready to face down Boss Krenko’s goons in the sewers beneath Ravnica. (Zzazyx may have tried to convince Krenko’s goons that he was one of them. His efforts may not have succeeded.)

How the Color Wheel Guides My Character

Building a Dungeons and Dragons character within a world I know quite well, and using my knowledge of the Magic color wheel to guide how that character operates, has been quite interesting. My goblin is doing “stupid,” impulsive things (like following our Simic Hybrid into the sewers, even though she didn’t especially want him to) because that’s what Red characters do. He is attempting to learn new things because that’s what Blue characters do. This might be the easiest “in” I’ve ever had to an RPG character, because my knowledge of who this character is and what he should do is grounded within a framework I’ve been absorbing for the last twelve years.

All of which is to say, Zzazyx has been a joy to play. He is reckless and fun and honestly a little stupid (yes, you can be Blue and be stupid). So if you are a Magic player and a Dungeons and Dragons player, and you are looking for somewhere to set your next campaign, I highly recommend setting it on Ravnica. Because there is something extra rewarding about getting to roleplay within not just some generic fantasy world, but a world that you already have ties to.

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