Getting Current with Pauper Mono-Blue Delver

Pauper Mono-Blue Delver took a bit of a hit last year, but now it appears to be back. Magic Online user JherjamesB has brought some new Throne of Eldraine tech and an old Time Spiral creature together to give Mono-Blue Delver new life, and I’m excited to sleeve up their list.

A Good Gush Impression and an Island Worth Bouncing

Many Mono-Blue Delver pilots incorporated constructed all-star Mystic Sanctuary into their decks post-Throne of Eldraine, but none of them have had the consistent success that JherjamesB seems to be having. That might mean it’s just right to run a couple Fathom Seers (better known as Gush but a creature) in Mono-Blue Delver now, as well as four Spire Golems.

Fathom Seer joins Deprive and Tragic Lesson as another way to rebuy Mystic Sanctuary’s powerful enters-the-battlefield effect, allowing you to stack the top of your deck with key counterspells, bounce spells, and card draw spells in the late game against decks like Tron or Burn. Fathom Seer is also a decent card advantage engine itself (especially in combination with Snap), but I’m guessing it wouldn’t make the deck without its Gush-like interaction with Mystic Sanctuary. It’s telling that JherjamesB chose to continue playing 20 other creatures in this deck alongside Fathom Seer. He doesn’t seem to consider the Morph a creature so much as a spell.

To get damage in, JherjamesB is playing a pretty typical Mono-Blue Delver creature suite – though JJB is quite high on Spire Golem. Whereas other successful Mono-Blue Delver pilots have been playing two or three Spire Golems, JherjamesB has opted for the full playset in almost all their most recent lists.

Is Mono-Blue Delver Rebounding?

As someone who bounces in and out of familiarity with the Pauper metagame, I’m always excited to see my favorite deck doing well. There aren’t a lot of pilots succeeding with Mono-Blue Delver currently, but JherjamesB is putting up strong, consistent results. And they’re doing it by showing that, even within Pauper’s most established decks, there’s room for innovation.

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