Achievements Unlocked: Modern Esper Gifts

I want to try something different. I want to sell you on playing a Modern deck, Esper Gifts Ungiven, but I don’t want to do it using a detailed deck tech or tournament report. I want to just show off how dang cool the thing is, as concisely as possible.

Gifts Ungiven - Matt Plays Magic

So instead of walking you through an entire night of Magic, I’m going to boil it down to twelve video game-style achievements. All unlocked over the course of one Tuesday playing Modern.

I faced off against:

I went 3-0-1, and I did it exactly as Richard Garfield intended. With a deck full of spicy one-ofs, intricate decisions, and surprises my opponents didn’t see coming. If you sleeve up Esper Gifts, you can look forward to:

Assuming those achievements sold you on the deck, you’re going to need the list. Here it is, in all its glory:

Modern Esper Gifts Ungiven - Matt Plays Magic

If you want to play Commander while the rest of your store is playing Modern, this version of Esper Gifts is right for you. I encourage you to tweak it for your own meta, sleeve it up, and see what achievements you can unlock. If you find any particularly sweet ones, please come back and post ’em here. Because after all, this deck is all about giving.

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