Matt Plays Magic – Lunch Break

Pauper. Commander. Cube. I’m so excited to play casual Magic again.

And it’s all thanks to lunch.

A couple of my new co-workers play Magic, and we’ve already fit in one set of games over our lunch break. I played my Pauper Mono-U Tron deck vs. my friend Kristy’s Infect deck, which is a mish-mash of actual Infect creatures and Proliferaters.

It’s always cool to see someone else’s decks for the first time, because their decks show what they like about Magic. Kristy seems to enjoy Blue-based tempo decks the most. She loves the Blighted Agents in her Infect deck, and she also has a Blue-Red deck that I have yet to see.

Blighted Agent
Actually kind of refreshing to see this little guy again (which is not a feeling I thought I’d ever have).

I won both games in which I piloted Mono-U Tron. Then, Kristy and I swapped decks. I wanted to see how her Infect deck ran (and get to play with some cards I hadn’t seen in awhile), and I wanted her to get to do sweet stuff with Tron lands.

Our first deck-swapped game didn’t work out so well. I stuck two Blighted Agents really quickly and managed to sneak in ten Poison counters before Kristy could turn the corner.

But Game 4…that was the game.

I drew a one-lander and then mulliganed to a hand with a couple lands and a Blighted Agent. Kristy kept a hand full of good countermagic and bounce spells, and she proceeded to shut me down. It was excellent.

My favorite part of the game was the turn Kristy looked at her full hand of seven cards, then her two sets of Tron lands, and said:

“I have so much mana, and I have no idea what to do with it.”

She did eventually figure it out, by the way. She cast a couple Ulamog’s Crushers and Annihilated me straight out of the game.

New hire Gavin joined us last week, and he’s ready to play some Magic as well. I’m bringing Commander decks in later this week, so the three of us can have a go at that. And I’m excited to play against Kristy’s Blue-Red deck and whatever Gavin has on him.

Most of all, I’m hoping we can drag one of the office’s lapsed Magic players along and play some Pauper Cube. Because I have not used that thing nearly enough.

Sanctioned, tournament Magic is fun. And it’s super rewarding. But nothing beats good ‘ol casual Magic between friends. And after three months, I’m pumped to start playing it again.

Come back in two weeks for something completely different, the Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Be Playing Modern.



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