Matt Plays Magic Duels – B/G Delirium

Are you a Magic Duels player who hates Fevered Visions? Also sick of losing to Smuggler’s Copter and Heart of Kiran? Well, I’ve got a deck that might be right up your alley.





This deck is a Magic Duels take on B/G Delirium, with a bit of a toolbox setup. The two primary tools in our toolbox are Reclamation Sage, used to blow up the pesky artifacts and enchantments mentioned above, and our primary win condition, Ishkanah, Grafwidow:

The rest of the deck is built to find and recur the specific cards we need for a given game. Usually, this means out-valuing opponents by recurring Ishkanah and our other creatures, taking the game long enough that Ishkanah’s activated ability or a Nissa, Sage Animist ultimate can seal the deal. However, there are some match-ups where you’ll clearly want to be the aggressor, such as against creature-less control decks. That’s where your early creatures, such as Gnarlwood Dryad and Duskwatch Recruiter, can provide some much needed pressure. From there, hopefully your late game can seal the deal.

Basically, this deck is as mid-rangey as it gets, and your exact role (Who’s the Beatdown?) is going to change drastically based on what type of deck you’re squaring off against. Here’s a picture of my current build:

bg delirium duesl.PNGKeep in mind that I don’t have access to every card in Duels (part of the reason I play is that it’s free), so some of my choices are limited. Here’s my advice for how I’d update this build if you had access to all the cards in Magic Duels:

  • Cut all four Moldgraf Scavengers. The card is okay in the late game once Delirium is on, as it’s an efficient threat, but Gnarlwood Dryad does the same job in the late game, can potentially pressure Planeswalkers in the early game, and has Deathtouch. Use the remaining extra slots to add Tireless Trackers, which are the best card that I don’t have access to. Woodland Bellower will then be able to grab Tracker, which is a major upgrade.
  • Find some extra spots for efficient removal spells. In a lot of games, I find myself hoping for an extra Murder. Once I have all three unlocked, I’ll be playing all three. In the same vein, I may swap Ob Nixilis for Noxious Gearhulk at some point, as the latter is recurrable via the next card I’d like to talk about…
  • Slot in the last two Grapple with the Pasts. Grappling or Pulsing for Ishkanah or Nissa is the way this deck wins most games. You will feel like a god when you Grapple for Ishkanah at end of turn with only four cards left in your deck, untap with twelve mana, and then burn the opponent out for four life on your turn to win. Usually, the wins aren’t as dramatic as all that, but the short version is: Grappling for your one-of Mythic Rares over and over again is good.
  • Probably play the last two Evolving Wilds. They turn on Delirium and fix your mana. You might also be able to cut some number of Vessels or Renegade Maps then. If you cut Vessels, you might want to slot in Dead Weights as extra Enchantments for turning on Delirium.

The deck has been very effective at doing what I built it to do, which is handle decks using Duels’s premier artifacts and enchantments. It has a pretty solid match-up against most decks except Mono-Green Energy Stompy and Superfriends, which I hope to resolve somewhat with those additions I mentioned above. Energy Stompy might simply be too fast for this deck though, which is fine. One bad match-up isn’t make or break, especially in Duels.

If you play a similar deck in Duels, or you just have any thoughts on the game in general, be sure to leave a comment below! Also be sure to check back here in two weeks for some thoughts on moving and Magic.


P.S. – I’m planning to stream this deck sometime next month at It won’t be before May 15, as my wife and are moving from Wisconsin to California between now and then. But if you find this article after May 15, 2017, there might be some videos at the Twitch link above!

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