ReCycling Bin – Soramaro, First to Combo

It’s a trawl through the ReCycling Bin, as we take a look at a theory-crafted deck that never came to fruition in the real world. Why’d I build it? Why’d it die before it could truly live?

It’s time to talk about a trashed Commander deck I called Soramaro, First to Combo.


Why’d I Build It?: Soramaro was the first Legendary creature I opened out of a booster pack. The first time that I started playing Magic for real was right around the Ravnica-Kamigawa releases, and I got super excited to see this real interesting creature staring back at me out of my Saviors of Kamigawa pack. That */* power and toughness was the real seller. Imagine a 20/20 Soramaro, or even a 50/50 Soramaro. This guy was my finisher of choice for a while.

I’ve held on to Soramaro all this time, because he’s still one of my favorite cards. But I haven’t done anything with him recently. Needless to say, when I started playing Commander, Soramaro was one of the first Legendaries I looked to build around.

What Was the Deck Supposed to Do?: This link opens an old version of the decklist. If I were to build it now, there are some changes I may or may not make. But the main point of the deck was to draw a billion cards, and use that to either combo off (via Mind Over Matter and either Temple Bell, Laboratory Maniac, or Psychosis Crawler) or smash someone for a billion damage with Soramaro. The combo wins were fun (for awhile), but the best wins were turning a 60/60 Soramaro sideways a couple times. There’s just something super satisfying about having a bunch of cards in your hand but not needing any of them, because you have the biggest creature in play and he’s going to mess your opponents up.

Why’d It Never See Play?: At least at the time, the deck was too good at what it did. Not in the sense that it was unstoppable, but that it was boring. I’d start running infinite loops on Cockatrice and everyone would groan, even if they had an answer. The deck felt repetitive to everyone, including myself, very quickly. And while it’s fun to make infinite mana or draw infinite cards a few times in a row, eventually it gets old, if you’re just doing the same couple things the same couple ways each game. That’s not what Commander’s about.

Still, I re-visit this decklist every once in awhile, and maybe some day I’ll build something a little less keen to combo. Something more card-draw and control focused.

I hope you enjoyed this visit to the ReCycling Bin! If you like this feature, let me know in the comments below. ‘Til next time, may your favorite creatures not end up in the recycling bin.

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