What the Hell, What the Hell, What the Hell?

So…you might’ve noticed that this post is about a week late. That’s because…man, it has been really tough to write this week. Really tough.

My grandma died.

I quit my job, so I can volunteer in New Zealand with my wife.

We don’t exactly know where we’re going to live after that.

The post-truth presidency has started.

It’s been tough to care about Magic enough to write about it this week. But here’s what Magic gave me back.

My grandma died Monday morning, at 6:20. I know because I looked at the clock on the hospital wall right after she died, which read 6:27 but was seven minutes fast. The nurse came in and tried to call the time of death, and we had to tell her that the clock was wrong. So she wouldn’t put the wrong time down.

I spent Monday with my family. I didn’t sleep until that night. Eventually, cutting out a lot of other stuff, I came home. My wife had a job interview the next day. I didn’t wake up in time to wish her good luck in person. I did manage to send her a text beforehand.

We think it well. She got a second interview later in the week. We think that went well too. And we’ve wanted to travel for awhile. We gambled, even before that second interview. We bought tickets to New Zealand. I made up my mind to quit my job, with little to no plan of what I’m going to do next.

I was a mess. All week. Everything was too much. And that wasn’t even thinking about the broader implications of what was going to happen on goddamn Friday, when goddamn Donald Trump was going to become goddamn President.

And I’ve continued to be a mess. I’m still a mess. Are you even reading this blog post? There’s barely a narrative, I think. But I have to get words down, because I promised myself I would. It’s part of my goals for the year.

So here’s the point of this thing. In the middle of the week, post-death, post-ticket buying, pre-post truth presidency, I met up with my guys, and we played Magic. And it was comfortable. There were things I could actually control. Things I could actually plan for.

We all got to talk. It was a big week for me, but there were other things going on too. We’re still planning my buddy’s bachelor party. Another one of my friends had some neat new decks (Bruna and Zedruu) that he wanted to try out. We talked about how weird America is about to get. We had some beers.

That’s what Magic gave me this week. Just a freaking night of near normalcy. And also, here and there, a way to distract myself from thinking about heavy stuff. I have put together a lot of decklists that I will never ever get around to building this week. Sometimes, it’s easier than thinking about everything else.

That’s all I’ve got this week. I’ll be back in a couple with some thoughts on playing Gifts Ungiven in Modern, hopefully. Until then, be easy.


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