Standard Pauper – DurdleDurdleDurdle Werewolf!

Kaladesh is upon us, which means it’s time to find a new Standard Pauper deck! My current list is all about durdling, value, and killing the opponent with these unlikely win conditions:


Step inside to see the madness (Note: We aren’t actually playing any spells with Madness).

When I laid out what excited me about Kaladesh-era Standard Pauper a couple of weeks ago, Prophetic Prism was the top card on my list. The Prism makes three-color decks easy to assemble, and Attune with Aether makes it even easier to go for maximum greed.

Attune with Aether also adds Energy to the mix, meaning our deck also likely wants to play Blue or Black cards, since those are the only other colors that make good use of Energy at Common. Black probably has the best Energy cards, but Blue provides another good cardflow engine in Aether Theorist. Those 3 cards together (Prism, Attune, and Theorist) should put us in good shape to cast whatever spells we want to cast.

So what spells do we want to cast? Well, a lot of those are Green. I’ve wanted to play Pulse of Murasa in a deck for awhile, so a couple copies of that are in. Ulvenwald Captive ramps our mana and acts as a win condition in the long term, as does Eldrazi Skyspawner. Grapple with the Past seems sweet, especially as any Blue Standard Pauper deck should be planning to play Spontaneous Mutation either in the main deck or sideboard (we’re going to start it in the sideboard here).

It’s at this point that we need to decide what third color we’re going to play, and while you might think we’d be looking at Die Young out of Black, to combo with our Energy-makers, I’m much more interested in playing Red so we can play Flame Lash. Flame Lash is a good removal spell, and it can help us actually kill our opponent a little more quickly. Even three-color Pauper decks can only durdle for so long.

Since we’re going to be playing Grapple with the Past and we’re going to be playing Red, it seems like a no-brainer to play Galvanic Bombardment. Our first Bombardment is still likely to deal only two damage, but our second Bombardment is likely to deal four, which is awesome.

The last thing to look for is a back-up win condition, something that can just kill our opponent if we can force the game to go long. I’ve decided to slot a couple of copies of Valakut Invoker into that spot. Invoker’s a good blocker early, we can re-buy him with Grapple or Pulse of Murasa later in the game, and left unchecked he’ll just Bolt our opponent out and mop up their creatures.

The resulting deck seems like it’s either great or it’ll fall flat on its face. Either way, it should be lots of fun for super cheap.

In the meantime, I’ll be back next week with some talk on Modern Grixis Delver, in preparation for SCG Milwaukee. Hope to see you then!

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