Interlude – Chomping and Howling Through the Eldritch Moon Prerelease

So this card is great:

shrill howler
Also, creepy as all get out.

Like a lot of Magicians, I was able to attend an Eldritch Moon prerelease this weekend. Perennial fave Kryptonite Kollectibles hosted a Sunday event at which I opened a really solid pool of Red and Green cards. As I was dismantling my deck, I counted about ten uncommons in there, all of them good.

The card that overperformed the most for me was Shrill Howler. Opponents kept having to read the card, then re-read it, then figure out they couldn’t block quite how they wanted to. The Howler’s mouth might be mostly sewn shut, but he was able to chow down on my opponents’ life totals quite a bit. Howler might not be as good post-prerelease, when people know the set a bit better, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still able to get someone with it a few weeks from now.

Also, the Howler’s backside is a house, and nearly unbeatable if it connects.

howling chorus

I also opened multiple Clear Shots, which continually cleared my way to victory.

clear shot.png
Yup, only here for the pun.

Our prerelease was four rounds long. In two rounds, I managed to get slightly outclassed in the beatdown department, even with my pretty aggressive pool. Thankfully, I was able to build a decent Green-White Humans deck as well, which I switched to for two games over the course of the day. The switch I made in round 3, game 3 likely saved my bacon, as I was able to stall and gain a little bit of life, then pull a surprise attack for 10 with a Borrowed Grace that left my opponent dead.

As this is an interlude, and interludes are short, I won’t go on much longer. But here are a few more thoughts on my experience with Eldritch Moon:

  • Geist of the Archives is very good. Between rounds, I played a game in which my opponent played two Geists, stopping my werewolves and vampires dead in their tracks. The Geist’s high toughness and card selection ability set my opponent up to win that game pretty easily. I wasn’t surprised when Limited Resources ranked the card as the best Blue uncommon in Eldritch Moon. In my lay opinion, I’d agree.
  • The Eldrazi Werewolves (like Shrill Howler) were a key component of my aggressive deck. As happens in Limited (and Sealed especially), games often ended up going to turn 7 or 8, where my 3/1s and 2/3s were getting slightly outclassed. Having the ability to transform those creatures into big finishers while not diluting my deck’s early plays won me multiple matches.
  • When I switched to my Green-White deck, both Spectral Reserves and Fiend Binder were key to victory. Spectral Reserves finished an opponent off from 11 life, because he just had no way to deal with the spirits. I had initially dismissed the card a bit because of its high mana cost, but it turns out that fliers are still just good.

At the end of the day, I ended up drawing for first place and earning some sweet prizes that included a giant Oath of Jace. I guess I needed some wall art for work anyways…

Here’s hoping the rest of you had as much fun at your prereleases, and that your experiences with Eldritch Moon continue to be spooky/scary!

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