Matt Plays Modern – T-1 to GP Detroit

So…GP Detroit is turning out to be a mess for multiple reasons.The group I’d planned to meet up with at the tournament bailed, due to the state of the Modern format and some unavoidable work commitments. So it’s just me by my lonesome, with a wonderful Megabus ride to look forward to after Saturday is done.

Yeah, you read that right: I’ve already given up on playing Sunday. So I won’t be playing the main event; I’ll be playing the Saturday morning Modern side event, as well as some drafts and/or Commander depending on how the first event goes.

With all that in mind, plus the fact that I haven’t actually played Modern since the Pro Tour shake-up (I now have improv lessons on what used to be Modern Thursday, and FNM is pretty much always a no go because you know, married and stuff), I decided it’s best to play the deck I know, slightly tuned for the new meta.

So it’s Grixis Delver time again, my friends; full decklist here. To be honest with you, I’m pumped. With the pressure of the main event off, I can just party with the deck I enjoy the most, match-ups and metagame be damned.

I finished out the deck’s manabase a couple weeks ago, purchasing another Polluted Delta, another Bloodstained Mire, and a Darkslick Shores. I’m still playing 19 lands, because I think the deck wants three in play as soon as possible to make the best use of Snapcaster Mage. Eventually, I might wind up playing 2 Gurmag Anglers and 2 Tasigurs again, over my current 3 Tasigurs. If I do that, I’d likely cut a Snapcaster for the second Angler and then cut a land as well. In the post-Eldrazi landscape, I’d guess that this extra slot allows the current 2 Thoughtseizes to become 3 Inquistion of Kozileks.

Nothing else in the main deck should look too surprising, except for maybe the lack of Gitaxian Probes. I cut those because a) I don’t love Probe in this super-aggressive meta and b) I wanted to fit in Thoughtseizes.

The sideboard, on the other hand, is kind of weird. I’m not sure exactly how much I like it myself. However, I’m pretty locked in, seeing as I’m sitting in a hotel room in Vegas, sans the rest of my collection, and flying straight into Detroit tomorrow night.

Vandalblast, Shattering Spree, Duress, Engineered Explosives, and Blood Moon shouldn’t be too surprising. These are all pretty standard sideboard cards for Grixis Delver. Although I don’t particularly love a Blood Moon out of this deck, I think the card’s super necessary in the Eldrazi world, to cut them off of their super-mana. Hopefully, my deck will be well-positioned to clean up whatever Eldrazi mess has already been made by turn 3. And of course, Blood Moon’s also still good against other 3-color decks if they’re not prepared for it. The extra fetchlands I’ve added in allow me to better fetch around it.

The weirdos in the sideboard are Electrickery, Echoing Truth, Transgress the Mind, and Magma Spray. I like Electrickery over Izzet Staticaster because it’s cheaper, flips Delver, and adds Delve mana. It’s in the sideboard as an extra tokens and Eldrazi Mimic clean-up spell. Echoing Truth is here to take on weird permanents like Worship. Transgress the Mind is here to fight against both big Eldrazis and weird combo matches. I’ll freely admit that there are likely better cards to be put here. I had Disdainful Strokes here actually, but took them out before clearly understanding how they worked vs. Eye of Ugin…whoops. If I had access to my cards, I’d swap the Strokes back in. Magma Spray is here to fight against Company decks, which I think will be popping up to fight the Eldrazi menace. The Sprays are also extra pieces of instant speed removal against decks like Affinity and Merfolk.

It’ll be interesting to see how the GP shakes out for those playing in the main event. As for me, I’m just hoping my side event isn’t too full and that, maybe, just maybe, all the Eldrazi players will be in the main event. Gimme the fringes and the sweet decks to fight against, that’s where I want to be.

I’ll be back post-GP with a report of how the day went. To all those playing Modern this weekend, good luck!

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