Matt Plays Commander – Why I Play Commander Pt. 1

Imagine this:

You are Daxos of Meletis, and you are about to wage war with the gods.


Specifically, these gods:


Somehow, you must prevail against both of these deities, although they each attack on different fronts. Athreos attempts to grind down your physical defenses by throwing the same undying soldiers at you, over and over again, and draining your spirit. At the same time, Phenax attacks your mind, negating the plans you could form before you even begin to think of them.

But there is hope. You begin to mount defenses against Athreos’s physical assault, and you are able to banish the god of deception back to the aether, at least momentarily. You have a moment of reprieve, a moment in which to think of a plan. You are Daxos of Meletis; all you’ve ever needed is a moment to think of something clever.

Then it comes to you, suddenly, instantly, and you wonder how you didn’t think of it before. There is an artifact of power, a weapon held by one of Theros’s other gods, that can pit your enemies against one another. You can’t hope to best both gods by yourself, but with each god working as your ally against the other, there’s a chance.

With some effort, you manage to acquire the artifact and put your plan into action. The plan works beautifully. Athreos, moved by powers beyond his control, begins to attack Phenax. Phenax, in turn, is forced to destroy Athreos’s mind. Eventually, the god of passage collapses, leaving you alone against the deceiver.

But you have not simply been sitting idle while the gods fought among one another. You used that time to find a place of power, a place that allows your mind to withstand Phenax’s mental attacks no matter how strong they may be. Assisted by the power of this place, you are able to summon enough strength to destroy Phenax.

You are Daxos of Meletis, and you have sent two gods to the underworld this day.


9 thoughts on “Matt Plays Commander – Why I Play Commander Pt. 1

  1. Patrick

    I hate Mistveil Plains… It’s saved you too many times against Phenax. Though, I did enjoy your thematic retelling of our edh game. You should do more of these.


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