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Printing New Cards Directly Into Modern Failed

Roughly a year after its release, Modern Horizons‘ attempt to print new cards directly into Modern may have finally finished proving itself a mistake.

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I Am an Izzet Test Pilot

Last weekend, I journeyed into Ravnica. Using the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, my friend Simon led five of us through the process of creating our own Ravnicans and starting our first Dungeons & Dragons adventure set on Magic‘s city plane.

And my character? In my mind, he’s this guy:

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The Many Manabases of Historic Sultai Field of the Dead

Recently, I decided to jump feet-first into Magic Arena‘s Historic format by building and playing Sultai Field of the Dead. As I play any new deck, I find myself swapping cards in and out of it – attempting to shore up the deck’s weaknesses or improve its consistency. But with Sultai Field of the Dead, I found myself tweaking one key aspect of the deck over and over again: Its manabase.

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Gahiji Honored One Featured

ReCycling Bin – Gahiji, Honored One Commander

Welcome back to the ReCycling Bin, a series in which I look back at theorycrafted Magic decks that never saw the light of day. This time, we’re looking at a deck I hoped would make Commander games move faster. Presenting, Gahiji the Giver:

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Drannith Magistrate

Should Drannith Magistrate Have Been Banned in Brawl?

Drannith Magistrate did not need to be banned in Brawl two weeks ago. And the fact that it was says a lot about how Magic R&D expects players to build and play Brawl decks.

Drannith Magistrate
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